Pre-Order Barry's EP No Secrets by December 31 to receive your autographed copy on January 27


Barry Zito baseball fans are about to become Barry Zito music fans! The retired major league pitcher is finally pursuing his lifelong dream of writing and recording music and has recorded his very first EP.  Barry’s debut, NO SECRETS will be released on January 27th and fans can pre-order a physical copy of the EP here on Barry’s website.  All pre-ordered EPs come hand-autographed by Barry himself, and can be ordered from December 1st through the 31st. 

Zito has been playing guitar since his early 20’s, while on the road in the minor leagues, and he began dabbling in songwriting for fun a few years later. Born with a natural athletic ability, he’s also always possessed a love and talent for music that he comes by quite naturally.  Zito grew up in a household surrounded by music. His father Joe worked as a conductor/arranger for Nat King Cole and eventually an artist manager, and his mother Roberta had been one of Cole’s backup singers in the Merry Young Souls. Barry recalls having a fascination with music pretty early on. 

After retiring from his baseball career in 2015, Zito immediately turned his full attention to that second love and began crafting the songs that would fill his first album. You could almost say it was fate or kismet that brought the World Series winner full circle to a Triple A team in Music City right before he retired, and for Zito, it was definitely a long, winding journey full of interesting twists and turns that landed him there and ultimately inspired the songs on NO SECRETS.